​Service Navigation & Educational Workshops

- ​Case management services for addiction and mental health programs, including residential treatment, health care and education planning

-Workshops for schools, agencies and parent groups on topics including adolescent concurrent disorders, motivational interviewing and family education on mental health/addictions

Hello and welcome to my website. It is my priority to establish and provide a safe, non-judgmental, supportive environment where you will feel hopeful that change can occur. Depending on the concerns that are bringing you to get help, I will do my best to work collaboratively with you, make sure that your mental health needs are being met and create a plan to help you make healthier and more positive life choices.  Having worked in the mental health and substance abuse field for 18 years, I have extensive experience working with adolescents, young adults and adults struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, addiction, trauma and other challenging emotions or life events.  I am also passionate about supporting and educating family members about their loved one's mental health and/or addiction challenge.  I believe that families need to be included in their loved one's recovery, while at the same time, develop skills of self-care, boundary setting, advocacy, crisis planning and detachment.


Young Adults & Adults

-Unsure of future goals, including education or career path

​-Difficulties managing symptoms of mental health challenges ( anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder)

​- Experiencing consequences of substance use or other self-destructive behaviors (gaming, gambling, eating)

​-Unresolved family issues that are leading to intense feeling of shame, guilt and criticism

-Relationship concerns (including marital, couple or work related)

​-Experiencing symptoms related to traumatic events

      ​Parents & Families

- ​Providing knowledge and support for parents coping with challenging adolescent behavior, such as defiance, ADHD and / or substance abuse

-Helping family members cope  with  a loved one's addiction and/or mental health challenges

- Educating family members about addiction and mental health issues, in order to help them set limits and boundaries with their loved ones, plan for crisis and find ways to take care of themselves


-Anxiety or constant worrying

-Depression or ongoing feelings of hopelessness, sadness or lonlieness

-Difficulties in relationships with peers

​-Highly sensitive to emotions or criticism

​-Coping with loss (divorce, moving schools, death of  a loved one)

-Low self-esteem related to learning disability or ADHD or school performance

​-Traumatic exeriences, such as sexual abuse or assault


 Providing Counselling and Psychotherapy from Adolescence to Adulthood